Sunday, October 3, 2010

PRODUCTIVE, quiet weekend (..and lots of bananas)!! :)

Are you ready for this????...It's long but I will try to be as brief as I can. My husband went away to a men's retreat with our church and my kids went to grandma's. So baby and I had the house to ourselves! It was a dream. There are so many things I wanted to bake and get done and I was able to do it because I had a quiet house. We even got clouds, rain, and thunderstorms throughout the weekend. So....I lit some candles and enjoyed the quiet.

For most of the weekend, my kitchen looked like this:
One thing I accomplished this weekend was that I made my casseroles and got them in the freezer for our casserole exchange on Wednesday!!!
Then, I made the applesauce bars again (that I mentioned in an earlier post). This time I made 2 batches and froze one of them (since the recipe said they froze so well). Then, I made another batch of my kids' favorite: Monkey Bars (recipe posted earlier also)...1st recipe with bananas!! Last week I froze tons of ripe bananas, so when I thawed them....I needed to use them....all!

Then...I made 2 loaves of chocolate chip banana bread, with whole wheat flour and oats. I used raw sugar, in place of the sugar in the recipe. I kept one out and froze one. (Banana recipe #2)
Then, I made banana cookies (banana recipe #3!!!). I modified it by using whole wheat flour for half of the flour and raw sugar, in place of the sugar.

Next....I made 2 loaves of pumpkin bread. This was the one recipe I baked that wasn't with whole wheat flour or raw sugar. It is my mom's recipe and I grew up making this every fall. In my opinion, it is the best pumpkin bread ever (probably because of sentimental value...but it still melts in my mouth). Anyway, I wanted to bring treats to a sick friend's kids and I froze one for a staff meeting at my house in a week.
Finally, for the last of the baking....I made these breakfast muffins. I had to photograph the batter because it is made with flax seed meal, oat bran, carrots, apples, raisins, etc! Lots of goodness!!!

With all of that baking done.....I decided to start tackling the cleaning out of my closet (this has been a long time coming). I just started to rip clothes off hangers and throw them in a pile, with the hangers in another pile. After I bagged up the clothes, I was left with this mess. And....believe it or not, I have more clothes to go through. I'll save that for another day.
Hubby and kids came home and I had a "breakfast for dinner" planned. I got the recipe for this "Chili Egg Pouffe" from a girl in my bible study when we first got married. It showed up at many baby showers at that time! I haven't made it in years but it was always a favorite! So...I made it.
Then, I made multi-grain blueberry pancakes from scratch. Although....all I had were mixed berries. Everyone loved them! With cantaloupe on the side, it made for a yummy, Sunday night supper!!!!
Super duper busy, quiet, productive weekend!!! Thankful to get so much accomplished!


Kelly Sullivan said...

Can I please be adopted? If not, I might have to start making some spontaneous visits..... Yum! I am definitely going to try the apple bars. Can't wait! Thanks for inspiring me and making me realize I am spending way to much time on the computer today :)

emily said...

You have inspired me!! I've been baking & organizing and decorating- oh my! You've been one busy lady.
PS- where did you find that CUTE chalkboard easel? I NEED something like that behind my kitchen sink.

Andrea Cervantes said...

Emily~I was inspired by a friend's blog, so it is fun to pass it along! I do need to dedicate more time to organizing my house. I have a VERY long list but have been spending all of my time in the kitchen! :)

That chalkboard is a few years old. I found it at a card store by my house....they sometimes carry boutiquey items. I do love it though...thank you! :)