Saturday, October 2, 2010

First co-op

Yesterday, we had out 1st co-op group of the year. This is our 4th year, I think. We have 11 children and we split them into an "older" and "younger group". We study science and social studies and we try to incorporate holidays, seasons and occasional field trips. It was nice to all be back together. The kids really love it and seem to learn a lot in science and history. In Story of the World we learned about King James of England.

With that chapter, they had a porridge that was found in a 1615 cookbook called The English Huswife. They converted it, slightly, to modern day ingredients. So, we made that. It was actually really tasty bit looked a little strange because oatmeal was thrown in to thicken the broth.

The next recipe we made to go with our lesson was called Parkin (a traditional cake from the north of England.)

Anyway...the kids enjoyed the little meal and it helps to bring to life the period and location they are studying. It was a fun day and the kids were happy to be back together at our house!


tara said...

So, my friends and I are copying you guys and doing our own co-op using the same science books you use (or at least used to use!!) We are just doing science for now, but I want to add history/social studies too.

Andrea Cervantes said...

I love it, Tara! That is so fun! Do you like the book? We got several in that series. which one are you doing right now? So fun to add Story of the World. Te kids love it and listen to the CDs at home. Then, we do some of the activities when we get together. Hard to believe we use to meet every Friday. Can't do that anymore with 2 days of classes a week! Have fun! Can't wait to see pictures.