Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oh, that Boy!

Oh...how I love that boy! It has been so much fun to see Jonah's personality come out! He is so sweet and so silly. Now, he is 4 1/2 months an starting to interact so much more.

Now, he has graduated from playing with toes to eating toes!

Our little "dash ornament" in the RV!!! Before you judge us, we were loading the RV and were parked!


This was our 1st time camping at Refugio. We LOVED it there! We had the most beautiful weather and loved the private cove at the beach. Hope we an go again next year!
There was a dead shark on the beach. Josh and Julia were obsessed with it and had to have their picture taken with it!

Jeremy's surfing had improved a ton. He would go out on his own all throughout the day! So fun for daddy!When Josh went to the RV to change into his trunks, he also decided to change into Sophie's cone for her stitches! Such a silly boy.
Julia insisted we took pictures on the beach....all the pictures that I have of the kids are missing Jonah (since they were before he arrived). It makes her very sad to see pictures without him in them. So, we took pictures of all of them. So glad we did!

This seems to be becoming a tradition. On our way home from the campground, after we are all packed up, we stop to take a group picture. Pretty scroungy looking after packing up from a camping trip! Maybe we should take the picture wen we arrive instead. Hmmmmm????

Monday, October 19, 2009

All for the Greater Good....

So, as I sit here, I just got through hearing Jonah cry himself to sleep again. It is so funny to me that I am such a wimp when it comes to him. With the other 4 children, I think I got wimpier each time, but this takes the cake. It makes me laugh when I think about how we thought their grandparents were such softies and now that it us....I can't imagine what kind of grandparents we will be! Jonah is the absolute happiest baby...even more than Josh was. He smiles at any and everyone and we can even make him smile when he is crying. Such a sweet boy. It makes me so sad to allow him to cry but I know it is important for him to sleep and to learn how to go back to sleep when he wakes up. I'm just hoping this phase is over quickly.....I wonder if this is how God feels when He sees us sad? Loving every minute of this baby and just can't get enough of him!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What's not to Love????........

We just got back from our annual Newport Coast Marriott trip with our dear friends, the Modugnos. My kids say this is their favorite vacation. It was fun taking Jonah there this year, even though he decided to wake up every night we were there...a little challenging with 7 people in one bedroom! :) We had beautiful weather for a few days and rainy weather for a few days. There are so many activities at the resort and close to the resort, that the kids can't seem to fit it all in! This year we got a room near the outdoor recreation area, indoor kids club and pool. It was a great, central location for the kids to keep busy. We had another memorable trip and seemed to end way too fast!

The staff put on "pool games" for the kids. Everyone was "in" as soon as they found out there were prizes to be won!

The kids also decided to participate in a ping-pong tournament!...more prizes

Then, Daddy and Jeremy took an afternoon to golf at Pelican Hill, which kind of wrapped around our resort and had such a beautiful view. The above picture was taken by me from a rode just above our room.

The kids also love the pool area...where there are 3 pools, 2 Jacuzzis, a giant chess game, ping-pong tables and a pool table!

Jonah stuck his feet in the water for the 1st time and loved it! It cracks me up how much attention he got...you would think he was a celebrity!
The beach was beautiful!!! We couldn't have asked for better weather. We spent the day near the pier in San Clemente. Unfortunately, we could only go to the beach once, due to the rain that came during our week. :(

On the rainiest day, we had to think of an indoor activity to keep all 6 kids (not counting Jonah) busy. So, we went to The Cube. It is a science discovery center with tons of hands-on activities. The kids loved it!The above picture is a simulation of a tornado...the kids could touch it and even stand in it!
Julia played "goalie" in a pretend hockey game, where hockey pucks really flew out at her.
All of the kids got to experience laying on a bed of nails.

And....lunch at the Taco Bell inside. There were SOOOOOO many more activities in the center...these were just a few!
On our last day there, Jonah discovered his toes and played wit them all day! I love it!
Daddy had to leave the night before us to go to work. This is a picture of the kids and I on our last night in our bedroom we all shared!

16 Sweet Weeks!

What more can I say? We LOVE this baby and I LOVE his face. None of us can get enough of him and his sweetness. He is truly loved!!!! Wish I could slow down time.......

October recap (1st half)

Continuing to speed blog!!! Lots of things still going on in our house. Dad and the kids have been working on projects around the house here and there. Jeremy is learning from dad how to measure and cut wood and loves every minute of it. He is self-motivated and a quick learner so I think he will be pretty handy when he is older. Even now, he completes many items on my honey-do list when Louie is at work!

Daddy also got roller blades for Julia and Josh because they were attempting to skate with our old ones from pre-marriage years! They have been having so much fun with them. Here, Julia is rollerblading in a mini mouse costume! :

Jeremy's best friend, Andrew, came over for a night and the boys thought they were so cool BBQing burgers and dogs for the kids. Boy, they are growing up fast! :

The 3 specks on the hill above our house are Jeremy, Jake and Andrew....they love to explore the hills behind the house!
Poor Joshie had to send his beloved Beta fish, Flame, to the deep blue sea. He was very sad, here he is bravely washing out Flame's bowl, rocks and shell, despite his sadness. He is deciding whether or not he will want to replace Flame. :
One day when daddy was working close to home, he stopped by for a visit! IT was a real treat for the kids!