Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This was our 1st time camping at Refugio. We LOVED it there! We had the most beautiful weather and loved the private cove at the beach. Hope we an go again next year!
There was a dead shark on the beach. Josh and Julia were obsessed with it and had to have their picture taken with it!

Jeremy's surfing had improved a ton. He would go out on his own all throughout the day! So fun for daddy!When Josh went to the RV to change into his trunks, he also decided to change into Sophie's cone for her stitches! Such a silly boy.
Julia insisted we took pictures on the beach....all the pictures that I have of the kids are missing Jonah (since they were before he arrived). It makes her very sad to see pictures without him in them. So, we took pictures of all of them. So glad we did!

This seems to be becoming a tradition. On our way home from the campground, after we are all packed up, we stop to take a group picture. Pretty scroungy looking after packing up from a camping trip! Maybe we should take the picture wen we arrive instead. Hmmmmm????

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