Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What's not to Love????........

We just got back from our annual Newport Coast Marriott trip with our dear friends, the Modugnos. My kids say this is their favorite vacation. It was fun taking Jonah there this year, even though he decided to wake up every night we were there...a little challenging with 7 people in one bedroom! :) We had beautiful weather for a few days and rainy weather for a few days. There are so many activities at the resort and close to the resort, that the kids can't seem to fit it all in! This year we got a room near the outdoor recreation area, indoor kids club and pool. It was a great, central location for the kids to keep busy. We had another memorable trip and seemed to end way too fast!

The staff put on "pool games" for the kids. Everyone was "in" as soon as they found out there were prizes to be won!

The kids also decided to participate in a ping-pong tournament!...more prizes

Then, Daddy and Jeremy took an afternoon to golf at Pelican Hill, which kind of wrapped around our resort and had such a beautiful view. The above picture was taken by me from a rode just above our room.

The kids also love the pool area...where there are 3 pools, 2 Jacuzzis, a giant chess game, ping-pong tables and a pool table!

Jonah stuck his feet in the water for the 1st time and loved it! It cracks me up how much attention he would think he was a celebrity!
The beach was beautiful!!! We couldn't have asked for better weather. We spent the day near the pier in San Clemente. Unfortunately, we could only go to the beach once, due to the rain that came during our week. :(

On the rainiest day, we had to think of an indoor activity to keep all 6 kids (not counting Jonah) busy. So, we went to The Cube. It is a science discovery center with tons of hands-on activities. The kids loved it!The above picture is a simulation of a tornado...the kids could touch it and even stand in it!
Julia played "goalie" in a pretend hockey game, where hockey pucks really flew out at her.
All of the kids got to experience laying on a bed of nails.

And....lunch at the Taco Bell inside. There were SOOOOOO many more activities in the center...these were just a few!
On our last day there, Jonah discovered his toes and played wit them all day! I love it!
Daddy had to leave the night before us to go to work. This is a picture of the kids and I on our last night in our bedroom we all shared!

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