Saturday, August 20, 2011


Here I am! I can't believe it. Life has been so insane that I have neglected my blog since the last day in January! I am so sad because this was my one and only form of journaling life and this makes it look like NOTHING has happened....when in all has been the busiest time I can ever remember. I am on here to commit to myself and anyone out there that cares (maybe there's one person), that I WILL be back very soon!!! I doubt I will ever completely catch up but maybe I can do a very quick and simple summary of the last 7 months! Yikes....quite an undertaking. But, I am up to the challenge (I think). I miss this blogging world. I miss reading up on others' lives. I will be back Very soon. Just needed to warm up my fingers and my keyboard!!! "See" you soon!