Sunday, December 13, 2009

6 months of loving this boy....

We took the kids to get Jonah's 6 month pictures taken! Oh, how I love this boys and his face! He is the sweetest, happiest baby. He LOVES to play on the floor with toys now and has just started eating cereal and bananas...which he LOVES! Can't believe how fast the months are flying by.....:( I wish I could freeze time and stay "here" for a's a really good place.

It's that time again.....

Wow, am I behind...I just found this post and the next one, sitting in y "drafts" I never realized that I forgot to go back and type in them and post them! So, now that it's January, it seems less than exciting to post about getting ready for Christmas. We did have fun though! Jonah, as you can see, loved the lights!
This year, Jeremy assemble the entire tree and put the angel on the top.
Jonah was putting his "first" ornament on the tree !

This is the 1st year that Louie and I sat and watched while the kids decorated the whole tree. They did a great job spreading them out and varying them! Another fun night for our memory! We LOVE this time of year and try to start as early as possible!

Our sweet baby girl turned 7!

As usual, there was at least a week of festivities to celebrate a birthday in our house. On her actual birthday, daddy had to work. So, he took the morning off to take Julia out to breakfast. She was so surprised and excited by this. When they got home, she opened her gifts from us. Her favorite was her new American girl doll, Rebecca. We loved her coat, boots and curls!When daddy went back to work, grandma took the boys for the afternoon. Julia, mommy and her 2 American Girl dolls went to Starbucks, then for a pedicure then for a light dinner at Corner Bakery. It was fun to have some girl time with her.

Julia insisted that we have matching nails!!!
In between that day and now, we went out to dinner as a family to celebrate, celebrated at each grandma's and went out to dinner with her Auntie and Uncle. For the Grand Finale, we had a small party with a few close friends yesterday. Lots of girlie colors, sweets and crafts....and tons of fun!
The boys helped make most of the dipped pretzels and marshmallows!
Making candy and Froot Loop necklaces

Our designated "helpers" and make-up artists!
Decorating cupcakes (with newly "made up" faces)

Very Rainy, very fun day!!!! The boys showed up at the end to participate in the fun! Well....the week or so of events is over. I can't believe our baby is 7. It's so weird to think that for 6-1/2 years, she was the baby. Now, there is a new baby (who we all adore, of course). Still hard to get use to the part where she isn't the baby anymore. She is growing up and it is so fun and so sad at the same time. She is such a joy to me. She catches every detail and is so "on top" of things. she is thoughtful, independent and thoughtful! She holds her own with the boys and even tries to fit in with them quite often. We do love this girl that God blessed us with. She is truly a treasure to us all!