Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's that time again.....

Wow, am I behind...I just found this post and the next one, sitting in y "drafts" I never realized that I forgot to go back and type in them and post them! So, now that it's January, it seems less than exciting to post about getting ready for Christmas. We did have fun though! Jonah, as you can see, loved the lights!
This year, Jeremy assemble the entire tree and put the angel on the top.
Jonah was putting his "first" ornament on the tree !

This is the 1st year that Louie and I sat and watched while the kids decorated the whole tree. They did a great job spreading them out and varying them! Another fun night for our memory! We LOVE this time of year and try to start as early as possible!

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Andrea said...

never too late for Christmas pictures and you know how I feel about decorating early :). But hmmmm maybe I need to borrow your kids next year - the thought of sitting back and watching the process sounds wonderful too!!