Sunday, May 31, 2009

2 Birthdays in 1!!! Double the Fun!!!

Well, the baby is due the day before Jake's birthday. That makes it slightly difficult to "plan" a party. Josh's birthday was in April. they both wanted a swim party. So, we compromised. We met in the middle, in May, and had a party for both of them! It was a really fun day! the kids all got along and had such a blast. I, more importantly, had fun hanging out with my friends! Couldn't have asked for a better day. With all the false labor, I wasn't sure if I would make it to the party. Very glad I did!

Very important part of every party.....FOOD!

Visiting with special friends!

Mommy visiting with friends!

...and more friends

The big kids played Wrestle-mania all day! Really funny!

All the kids had canon ball competitions!

As the sun went down, they all found warmth in the jacuzzi!

Then, the cake!!!

......and the candles! Really fun Day!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baby Shower

A couple of weekends ago, I was so blessed to have a shower thrown for me by one of my closest, oldest friends, Stefanie. It was such a fun and special day. I loved visiting with all the girls and seeing all the adorable baby gifts they "showered" me with. So many extra touches went into my shower. I am truly blessed!

Such a cute dessert table with such a touching, special collage that Stef made of my children! I love it and will cherish it always!

So many young girlies came to celebrate...including my sweet Julia. Funny thing is, I remember being at the shower for most of them before they were born. so crazy. Where does the time go?

Mary, Me, Stef....standing in front of the cute hanging polka dots that matched the invitations!

Candy bar party favors with cute paper and a picture of the baby's ultrasound! So sweet. What a fabulous day!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

San Clemente camping!

We had such a blast camping in San Clemente. The weather was great, the sites had lot of room, and most importantly....we had hook-ups!!!!

I have some sort of weird obsession with lifeguard towers!

Jeremy worked on surfing again by taking to board out on his own.

This completely cracked me up. Every time the train went by, Julia dropped what she was doing, yelled "positions" and saluted the train!

I know....I know.....

Jeremy was in hog heaven after twisting everyone's arm to stay up the last night and play Risk....a guy night!

At the same time, Julia was in hog heaven as she crammed Sophie in her sleeping bag and forced her to sleep with her!

As we left, we got a group picture. this was our 1st time camping with the Modugnos since they got their trailer and we had so much husband wants to make it an annual trip!

Misc May

The yard project got planted. what would I do without my helpful children when I am hardly able to bend over....?

Awana Awards! Everyone worked hard to finish their books....hard to believe Jeremy is going into youth group next year!

Magic Mtn for the 1st time!

Our friends' daughter had a birthday party at Magic Mountain. Our kids had never been. They were so excited since they talk about the roller coasters every time we drive by it on the freeway. They had such a fun day with friends from church!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Brace Yourself for the rest of April!!!!

Well, here I go again.....totally behind on my blog. This is becoming a way-of-life. I needed to sum up all of April so bare with me....sorry for the plethora of pictures! Then, I need to move on to May. What is going to happen to my poor, neglected blog after this baby is born?

The yard project continues!.......Jeremy is a good worker and did a lot to help prepare the garden and plant.
Daddy and Jeremy are laying the sod!!!! more dirt!

Julia is working real hard while the yard work is being done!

One coop day at Stef's house. Does Josh look like he is loving life?

Our Reagan Library field trip. We just got finished studying the Magna Carta, so we wanted to see it while it was still on display there.
The kids had a fun day! It was a really great fieldtrip!

In front of AirForce One....

Yard work in the back also! I had to take this picture to remember Jeremy's determination. He needed to dig up this plant that was entangled in tree roots. He was so persistent and would not give up...all the while mumbling to the plant to "say your prayers" etc. until he finally got the plant out about 30 minutes later. I was quite proud that I got to witness his hard work and refusal to quit!

We started a fruit and vegetable garden. The kids were so excited to get a "Topsy Turvy" (upside down tomato planter). they love to check daily for new tomatoes.
Julia was so excited to find her 1st strawberry of the season!

Josh's 8th Birthday morning.....he got to wake up to a counter full of presents! Lots of fun. This year, his party will be a month or so late....we are doing a combination party for Josh and Jake because of the baby being due the day before Jake's birthday.

The boys are very impressed with his new Bakugon.

We also celebrated at co-op.

Loving all of the attention....

Easter "Saturday".....we had a celebration at one grandma and grandpa' house while Louie was off on Saturday.

Our little "Easter Bunny" playing the piano

After the 1st Easter Celebration, the kids were exhausted. We went to tuck the kids in and couldn't find Julia.....she was passed out in Josh's bed with her "muffin hat" on! (Her little hair net she sleeps in when she sleeps in curlers!)

Easter Sunday at Grandma and Grandpa Johnson's.......