Wednesday, May 27, 2009

San Clemente camping!

We had such a blast camping in San Clemente. The weather was great, the sites had lot of room, and most importantly....we had hook-ups!!!!

I have some sort of weird obsession with lifeguard towers!

Jeremy worked on surfing again by taking to board out on his own.

This completely cracked me up. Every time the train went by, Julia dropped what she was doing, yelled "positions" and saluted the train!

I know....I know.....

Jeremy was in hog heaven after twisting everyone's arm to stay up the last night and play Risk....a guy night!

At the same time, Julia was in hog heaven as she crammed Sophie in her sleeping bag and forced her to sleep with her!

As we left, we got a group picture. this was our 1st time camping with the Modugnos since they got their trailer and we had so much husband wants to make it an annual trip!

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