Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Good-Old Carpinteria

At the beginning of March, we went back to Carpinteria. We do love it there. WE went into the section without hook-ups again. It's such a hard decision. We LOVE hookups, but then we feel like we are in a parking lot. In the loop we camp in, we have tons of grass and space for the kids to spread out. We had gorgeous weather and a great time. We left to come home on my birthday. It was a drag to be packing and unpacking on my birthday but great to wake up at the beach! The night before my birthday, my husband and the kids surprised me with a birthday cake out by the fire. They thought they were so funny by giving me "trick candles"! Lots of air was wasted trying to blow those candles out. Then, we were surrounded by raccoons....who seemed to be stalking us for the left over cake! :)....Oh...Jonah also learned to pull himself up and stand confidently in the RV on this trip!!! Life will never be the same! :)

First time on the beach.....trying to shove sand in his mouth. Daddy quickly put a stop to that.
VERY hurt feelings that daddy stopped him.....

Jonah didn't like the cold water on his Jeremy carried sweet!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

March Photo-shoot of the kids

I am continuing to play catch-up. Surprised? Thought not! Anyway, I wanted to take pictures of all the kids together, so I decided to try to set up a back drop and play around at home. I took tons of pictures. I'm sure you can imagine how hard it is to get everyone looking half-way decent when you have 5 kids in the picture and one of them is a baby! :) My husband wanted to video tape the entire ordeal because of the stress involved. He couldn't believe I was expecting them to smile after the pressure I was putting on each of them. Maybe I'll do better next time! And maybe it's better when someone other than their mom is the one taking the pictures! :) Anyway, these are some of my favs.

This one cracks me up! Jonah is protesting the fact that Jeremy is holding his arms down.

The kids are posing like uncle Rico on Napoleon Dynamite....where he is getting his photo taken for his ID badge! :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

8 Month big boy!

Jonah got to sit in a shopping cart for the 1st time without his car eat clipped on! Shopping became a new experience! He was suddenly happy to shop with me because he could sit up and look around. He has been so bugged lately being strapped into his car seat. I was laughing that he wanted to face backwards the whole time to watch where we were going! So cute!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

photo shoot... 7 1/2 months

I wanted t take some pictures of Jonah before too much time passed. I wasn't getting myself over to the mall, so I figured I would play around and try to take some myself. These are several (maybe a few more than a several) of my favorites!

Catching up!!!!-Jonah 7 months

Why do I always do this? I get so far behind an then have to post a ton of things all at once to my blog. Don't love when I do that but I should just be impressed with myself that I am still even posting at all, right? Here are a few pictures of Jonah at 7 months...he learned to "battle crawl" around and pull himself up onto things and was very happy with himself!