Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October recap (1st half)

Continuing to speed blog!!! Lots of things still going on in our house. Dad and the kids have been working on projects around the house here and there. Jeremy is learning from dad how to measure and cut wood and loves every minute of it. He is self-motivated and a quick learner so I think he will be pretty handy when he is older. Even now, he completes many items on my honey-do list when Louie is at work!

Daddy also got roller blades for Julia and Josh because they were attempting to skate with our old ones from pre-marriage years! They have been having so much fun with them. Here, Julia is rollerblading in a mini mouse costume! :

Jeremy's best friend, Andrew, came over for a night and the boys thought they were so cool BBQing burgers and dogs for the kids. Boy, they are growing up fast! :

The 3 specks on the hill above our house are Jeremy, Jake and Andrew....they love to explore the hills behind the house!
Poor Joshie had to send his beloved Beta fish, Flame, to the deep blue sea. He was very sad, here he is bravely washing out Flame's bowl, rocks and shell, despite his sadness. He is deciding whether or not he will want to replace Flame. :
One day when daddy was working close to home, he stopped by for a visit! IT was a real treat for the kids!

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