Monday, October 19, 2009

All for the Greater Good....

So, as I sit here, I just got through hearing Jonah cry himself to sleep again. It is so funny to me that I am such a wimp when it comes to him. With the other 4 children, I think I got wimpier each time, but this takes the cake. It makes me laugh when I think about how we thought their grandparents were such softies and now that it us....I can't imagine what kind of grandparents we will be! Jonah is the absolute happiest baby...even more than Josh was. He smiles at any and everyone and we can even make him smile when he is crying. Such a sweet boy. It makes me so sad to allow him to cry but I know it is important for him to sleep and to learn how to go back to sleep when he wakes up. I'm just hoping this phase is over quickly.....I wonder if this is how God feels when He sees us sad? Loving every minute of this baby and just can't get enough of him!

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