Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Firsts

Well, once again, I am way behind on my blog. Sooooooo......I have to do another "speed blog" update to get myself caught up.

This was our 1st day of "easing" into school this year. We took it really easy the 1st day and Jonah joined in. The little kids wanted to do math on the couch with him so I let them. :) It was really fun!

The boys surprised Julia by setting up a tea party for her one morning for breakfast. They made waffles and tea. Jake woke her up, picked out a dress for her and tied her hair back. She always says that she wishes she had a sister to have tea parties, etc. with so they wanted to do something special for her. She loved it.

The above picture is their 1st night of Awana for the year. Jeremy is no longerin Awana, but now in youth group. Josh moved up to T & T!

The above picture is their 1st day attending classes for the school year!

First day of tennis lessons with friends! They have such a blast!!!

First time playing with the webcam. Dad worked tons of overtime over a couple of weeks and the kids wanted to send a picture to him at work to say "hi"!

This was a fun month...adjusting to incorporating Jonah in our scheduled lives. It has worked out great!!! He's such an easy-going, friendly guy and just adapts to our schedule very well! :)

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