Thursday, August 27, 2009

The last beach days of Summer....

We went up to Ventura for the 1st 2 "official" days of school. It actually felt good to be so rebellios because I felt so un-ready for school to start. this year has been the hardest so far to "get into". It must have something to do with having a baby this summer! :) So worth it but it went by way too fast. I am sure we will get into a groove soon, but I don't want to....not about after Labor Day!!! Until then, we will ease into a schedule and try to suck the last bits of fun out of the summer! Silly boy....happy to be back at the beach!

As the boys got ready to go out in the water, Josh came running up from behind....."wait for me"!

Jeremy took his little sister out on the kayak! She got a bit nervous about tipping over.

Love that sweet smile from Julia! Here she is having fun on the sailboat.

Jonah is so sweet and enjoys being at the beach. Today he was wearing a cute little terry cloth cover-up that my mom bought him from Gap....not necessary but so sweet!

Love the above picture of Jeremy carrying his surfboard to meet up with his brother and friend.

I have pictures of josh and Julia like this when they were little. I love it. I love that they are buddies...even though they drive each other crazy sometimes!

Josh was excited to surf on his own again!

....and, he "ate it" a few times too! :)

Here's the whole group...Cervantes and Modugno kids....they have sure grown over the number and in size!

Cervantes boys! ....I love how Jonah is looking at them

My sweet they love the beach.

There go the Exciting to see them grow and so sad at the same time. How I wish I could freeze time....just for a little while.....

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