Thursday, August 27, 2009


Sweet little was a sad day, the day before these pictures. Jonah turned 8 weeks an had to go to the dr. to get all his shots. He had a very sad day...crying and sleeping and didn't even want to eat. :( It's so funny to me how it has been harder and harder for me to see each baby be sad. I definitely think the day was harder on me than it was on him. I also thought it was so funny that the nurse gave him Sponge Bob band-aids. After all the shots, we had to go down the hallway and get a blood test. This was hard but also a test of my faith. When Jonah was 2 weeks old, his bloodcount came back low. So the dr. told me we would re-test at 8 weeks. it was a long 6 weeks but i had to constantly give it to the Lord, trusting Him with Jonah and remember that Jonah belongs to him. This was finally the day we would check to make sure everything was ok with him. I must admit, my mind kept wandering to the worst case scenario. I think it was a combination of post-pregnancy hormones and the fact that I had 4 healthy kids prior to Jonah and "something is bound to happen to one of them" because we have been so fortunate so far. Anyway, after waiting several days, we got the results and all his counts were normal. Praise God or another healthy baby! That was a joyous day. Sweet little Jonah, though so sad the day of the shots, was happy and smiley the day after (which is when the below pictures were taken). Oh, how I love that boy!!!

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