Thursday, August 27, 2009

7 week love........

I was so touched on this day. Julia took a lid to a box of computer paper. She envisioned a special bed for Jonah. So, she filled it with blanket. Then, she realized he needed a mobile and went out to gathered some sticks. The papers that she added to the ends of the sticks are replicas of charms I had bought her recently. Earlier that day, we were at a boutique and she saw some sweet charms like ones my dear friend had bought me earlier. She asked me if she could get some to wear on a necklace like mine also. So, the 2 charms she got were: 1 with a heart, engraved with the word "LOVE"; and 1 with a little footprint engraved with the word "BABY" (for her new baby brother). She copied these charms onto 2 circular papers and hung them over his "bed". It was so sweet to watch her work so intently on this all afternoon. I love her thoughtfulness and creativity. She couldn't wait to put him in his new bed.

At 7 weeks old, he was a bit too long for the bed, and his feet hung over. However, Julia was so proud to see him in it!

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