Saturday, October 30, 2010

October co-op

So, this year and last year, we have transitioned from meeting every Friday, to meeting about once a month. There are so many contributing factors. One of them is that the kids go to classes 2 days a week 3 days of being gone would be too much (we would never get any of our work at home done). Other reasons were babies, pregnancies and bed rest over the last 2 years. It just became too hard to be prepared EVERY week. It is working out really well this way. We study science, Story of the world (history in chronological order), and usually try to celebrate a holiday that is nearby.
So, after our study of the different parts of the brain and the brain lobes, as well as history, we had some fun.
The kids decorated Halloween cupcakes. Julia, as you can see, refused to wash her face painting off from the day before. We did, however, take a shower and scrub it off after co-op :)
Stefanie had a fun craft idea of modge podging glass jars with Halloween characters, to put votive candles in. The kids had tons of fun with it. Jacob told me it was his favorite craft we have done in co-op thus far.

Here are the final results: We have ghosts, pumpkins, monsters and creative designs.
They turned out really cute!
Here are my kids' lit up after!

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