Thursday, October 21, 2010

Divine Dessert

When I was little, I use to fly to New Hampshire during the summer to spend time with family. My sweet grandma was always baking and always thinking of others. Any time we went to visit someone or someone came to visit us, she would whip up a quick treat. Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Bars are one of those treat that I remember her making on those occassions. Everyone always loved them. I made some for friends today and thought I would share the recipe! My kids came home drooling when they saw them (I made an extra pan for home.....I had to......that would just be plain cruel) :)

Here is the recipe the way I made it...super duper easy and quick. If you want to be frugal (like I have done many times), you can make the batch of cookie dough from scratch.

For a 9 x 13 pan:

* 2 rolls of Pillsbury chocholate chip cookie dough
* 12 oz bar of cream cheese
* 1/2 c sugar
* 1 egg

Cream together the cream cheese, sugar and egg. Grease a 9 x 13 pan. Slice one roll of hthe dough and place discs on the bottom of the pan. Slightly press together...there can be small spaces because they will expand when they cook. Spread the cream chees mixture over cookie dough. Add the other roll of dough, sliced on top of cream cheese.
Bake 30-45 min. Done when gold brown.

*If you use homemade dough, just divide the dough in half for top and bottom!

Enjoy! ♥

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