Saturday, October 16, 2010

I LOVE Fall!

I love Fall so much. My favorite time of year is Christmas, but the sad thing about it is that once it comes, it's over. Does that sound weird? So, I actually love Fall because it is a stretch of time leading up to Christmas! I love the weather. I love the baking. I love the extra time we spend at home as a family, indoors, enjoying each other's company. I usually don't decorate for every holiday. I don't know why. I am just not a big fan of it. But I do enjoy little things hear and there that are a reminder of the season. (I do, however, enjoy decorating for Christmas).

Side note: one of my favorite stores is Homegoods. I find little treasures for little cost, and I often stumble on cute gift ideas. I was in there a couple of weeks ago looking for something and I stumbled on this cute little owl statue. He caught my eye and made me smile. So....I got him. And I got this cute pillar to hide my jar candles (that burn Fall scents, of course). I thought it was such a cute way to dress up those ugly jar candles (which I happen to love, becasue they last so long). So, they both joined my chalkboard on my bar with some fresh flowers from Trader Joes (another one of my favorite things)!

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