Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

This probably seems really pathetic but.... being in my kitchen makes me really happy now because my husband replaced our faucet. Simple pleasures are what can make my day. We bought our how brand new 8 years ago. They put cheap fixtures in homes and our sink faucet finally had seen it's last day. It was almost impossible to turn on and it was leaking. So, hubby went and bought us a new one the other day and installed it! Our sink is not worthy of this new faucet. It opened a can of worms and reminded us of EVERYTHING we wanted to replace. For now though, I will be happy with my faucet!

Then, today was another day with the kids in classes. I ran to Target and made all of my dreaded phone calls that seem to always pile up (nothing fun....just to insurance companies, etc). Then, I decided to make dinner in the afternoon! I decided to try a recipe that I found in Family Fun magazine. It's called Stacked Burrito Pie . So, I browned the meat, assembled them and put them in the garage refrigerator. Wow...what a great feeling tht was. I was able to do all of the cleanup while the kids were at school. Now...when they come running in the door and then need to leave for music lessons 2 short hours later.....all I have to pop them in the oven to heat it for 30 minutes, then serve.
Let me just tell you: this is something I will be doing a lot more often. Dinner time was a joy, not a burden. I was ready for my kids and was able to give them attention when they came home. of all....clean up was minimal after dinner. And, by the way, the kids LOVED the recipe and came back for 2nds and 3rds!!!! Love when that happens!


Kelli said...

recipe please! :)

Andrea Cervantes said...

Just messaged it to you on facebook!