Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My favorite face ....a danger on the road?

So, this past week, Jonah graduated into is big boy car seat (technically still 6 ounces too light at almost 15 months). He is so excited with the new world that has opened up for him with all he can see (including the DVD player). I laughed to myself as I ran errands with him the next day. I was thinking about how they say it is so dangerous to "text and drive" or "talk on the phone and drive".....but what about "look at a cute face in the rear view mirror and drive"? I think that is WAY more dangerous. I found myself staring at his cute face as he looked around pointing, or watching the silly songs on the DVD and I couldn't stand was too much. I think it's much more dangerous because it took A LOT to get me to take my eyes off of him and put them on the road. It is such a treat to see his sweet, curious, eyes now-rather than the back of his car seat!

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Kelli said...

I would get into a car accident with that face! :)