Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back in the kitchen....kind of

Well, I have a lot to update...like pictures of our kitchen tile project. But for now, I am just so happy to be back in the kitchen. I haven't been able to cook or bake for days and it has made me quite sad. Today, my husband and a couple of friends got the tile grouted. So.....I decided to make a yummy dinner for a hot night. The tile needs to still be sealed so I can only spend limited time in there an my refrigerator and kitchen table, etc. are still in other rooms. But, I'll take what I can get right now.

For dinner, I made a cross between Pioneer Woman's Asian Noodle Salad and my friend's Asian Chicken Salad with Noodles!

Basically, you start with a mixture of lettuce and cabbage, green onions and red peppers.
Then you add linguine (I used whole wheat fettuccine)
Then you add grilled chicken: homemade Asian dressing:

And toasted almonds:

Mix it all together and .....Voila!
I asked my kid what they thought of it. My 13 year old son said, "I wish my mouth was bigger so I could get more in at a time!" I'll take that as him liking it! :)


emily said...

Christine just told me how awesome your blog has been- I haven't checked it in a while. I LOVE it.
We need to get together soon.
Maybe I could just come over after school one Tues- the kids could play & we can hang out?? :)

Andrea Cervantes said...

Oh Emily!!! Thank you! I have been having so much fun. It has made it so much more fun to cook since I know I will get to share it! And.....I would LOVE to get together. That sounds like a really fun plan on a Tuesday. Let's look over our calenders and get it down or it will never happen! :)