Sunday, September 5, 2010

Last Hurrah, Part 1....

Well...the summer was long, in the sense that we seemed to squeeze a lot into it. was short, too, in the sense that it went WAY to fast! How can both be true? I don't know. But, they are. Friday, August 27th was our "official" last day of summer. School started for us on August 30th. However, classes don't start for us until September 7th so we "eased" into school the 1st week. Anyway, on the last day of summer, my dad and I took all the kids to Hurricane Harbor one more time. I dropped them all off and went home to give baby a nap. then, I picked up lunch and they met me out front for a picnic. Then, we all stayed until it closed. We were blessed with mild weather again. This time the crowds were a lot lighter. It was a really fun day!

LOVED climbing in the tubes!

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