Wednesday, June 30, 2010


It is humanly impossible to eat this many apricots....even with 7 people in your family! Keep in mind...this is after many have already been eaten by family and friends and there are many more green ones still on the tree! We are blessed in apricots. Funny thing is, I have never bought apricots at the store but they are really very tasty! There is something also so satisfying about eating fruit you have grown. We are leaving tomorrow for 9 days and we always seem to leave right when our fruit ripens. We are also very close to having nectarines, peaches and plums ready to be picked. It makes me almost not want to leave! :) This year, I decided to make jam....but have no time before we leave. I am going to experiment. I am going to freeze the apricots in freezer bags and pray that they still work to make jam when we return! I am very excited! Keep you posted!


April Harnish said...

I have a pot on the stove to turn into apricotsauce. They are a yummy treat.

Andrea Cervantes said...

April, When I make the apricot jam, I am going to also make syrup! I just learned how and am so excited! How was your apricotsauce?