Thursday, June 17, 2010

San Clemente

I LOVE San Clemente. I have gone there my whole life and there is something about it that is so relaxing. However, as a child, we stayed in time shares. Now, we camp. It's a lot different but I still love the beaches and the town! Definitely a happy place. Here are pictures from our trip in May!
Love this sweet boy! 1st time on the beach in his little play pen!
He crawled down the the beach and it was such an event with a rather large audience!
He LOVED when the water would come up and get him!

Our 2 campsites side by was a good set up for us and the kids
Daddy and Jeremy caught the same wave!
The girls were hamming it up! (as usual) :)
One night we walked to a Mexican restaurant for was a fun change

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