Friday, June 18, 2010


I LOVE Carlsbad also. I, however, have never camped there before this trip. This was a new campground for us and the location was great but I don't think would go back. I'm not even sure exactly why. It just felt too crowded and there wasn't easy access to walk other places, without walking on the main road (without a sidewalk). We brought a friend for Jeremy (1st time we have done that). It made it extra fun for the kids. With that many kids though, we had the boys set up a tent, and we put them all out there at night. I think the excitement of that wore off after the 1st night! :) We had been in San Clemente 2 weeks before and had the most gorgeous weather the whole time. In Carlsbad, we had June gloom the whole time. Still fun memories for the memory book!
Love this sweet face! He feel so big sitting in my chair!

Hi 1st ride on the beach on a boogie board! This was a daily happening when all the other kids were little and as they got bigger, they would all pull each other!

Feeling "big" walking! (not really walking yet...but walking with assistance)

Cookie in each hand and bottle in the middle!

Hobo meal dinner!

Roasting dough boys...they were a big hit!

Jonah crawls around the RV and hangs out the door watching the other kids play. Thankfully, he puts up with it for now! ;)

The boys all watching the waves

Party Wave during an "after dinner session". L to r: Daddy, Jeremy, Frank!

Last Day photo (after packing all up)!

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