Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Long Time Coming!

As a homeschooling mom, I always rely on summertime to get my projects done around the house. Last summer, however, sweet Jonah was born. I felt like I lost almost a whole summer because I spent it hogging him and the other kids and just keeping up with life. Losing a summer of projects was nothing compared to gaining sweet Jonah. However, it just caused this summer's lists to become much longer. The problem with that is that we will be gone a lot this summer. So....I have been trying to cram little projects in here and there, whenever I can! I'm sure many things will go unfinished! :)

Little accomplishments make my day! Last summer, I bought several memo boards for my upstairs desk area. We have had a LONGGGG bulletin board over the desk since we moved in. I have never really loved it. I wanted to replace it with a group of coordinating memo boards. Well, I am embarrassed to say that the box has been upstairs since last summer. However, I am happy to say, I got them hung today!!!! Yeah! Simple pleasures. There is still more I want to get done with the space and I feel like the picture doesn't do the color, etc. justice, but I wanted to post it because it was something that made me smile today!


Kelli said...

I LOVE THEM!!!!! Have a great vacation!

Anonymous said...

I love it, it's beautiful,