Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jonah's Birthday Celebration

Forgive me for having 1000 pictures in this post. My primary purpose in blogging is to journal so I can have it printed into a book. So, sometimes I have a really hard time narrowing down pictures. It is a bit of a disorder. I really want to be able to let them go but it is so hard. They tell a story and when some are missing, I feel like so is part of my story! I'll work on it!

So, this was Jonah's 1st year celebration. I had a huge party for all 4 of my other kids when they turned 1. As they are getting older, we are simplifying parties and having just a few close friends, rather than tons of families. Mommy just got tired of having 4 ginormous (I know that isn't really a word)  parties a year. So, we celebrated as a family.....but got super excited over Jonah turning 1. Picture story to follow!

In the above picture, Jeremy is hanging out traditional birthday banner for Jojo! (This was the night before his actual birthday)

Jonah sat and watched Jeremy hang it. He got a real kick out of it! :)

I woke him up on his birthday morning and had to get a picture of him the 1st time I saw him as a big "1 year old"....though it ade me want to cry.

We are cuddling on my bed....he is still in his bunting! I wish I could freeze time and he could always fit into a bunting.

Julia surprised him with a special breakfast of fresh fruit and yogurt!

Birthday picture of the whole fam. (minus momma)!

Throughout the day, he showed off his birthday bib and revealed various new standing for several seconds without holding on, while chewing food!

Here he is opening some of his new presents (because there were a few nooks and crannies in our house that weren't filled with baby paraphernalia yet) :)

We got him a pool because of his LOVE for the water...baths, etc. We will only fill it several inches deep with water so he can crawl around. He loved it empty, though, too!

Some of the yummy desserts to sing and celebrate with!

This above picture is of his face while we were singing to him!

Here he is enjoying his carrot cake cupcake!

And.....big brother took him swimming for the VERY 1st time ever in grandma's pool and he LOVED it so much!!!!! It was such a great day! Love you Jojo Bubs!

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