Friday, July 9, 2010

One fun day.....

I am playing catch up on my blog again because we have been on vacation. right before we left, we went to the beach for a friend's birthday. It was a really fun day for the kids. I have almost no pictures becasue I spent the whole day sitting i the cage with Jonah...he was not happy unless I sat with him. Oh well...we made it through and the kids had fun.
Rewind....oh, and if you don't have boys, this will make no sense to you. Jeremy (my oldest) has been BEGGING for a fully automatic airsoft gun for months and months. Finally, we broke down and let him order one (after many many conversations where he educated us on every type of gun and all of their functions).Well, he had ordered it a week or so before this day. On the way home from the beach, he said to me, "Now, what would make this a REALLY great day is if my gun was waiting for me when we got home." was. So....I had to take a picture of this much anticipated day!

One very happy boy on one very fun day!


Zack said...

Hi Andrea! Zack was interested in Jeremy's gun and wanted to know what kind of gun it is and how many FPS it is?? Not sure what that means, but Jeremy will know :) Also, if you don't mind sharing how much it cost and where he ordered it from. Zack has been researching these types of guns for awhile and I could totally relate to your blog - boys will be boys, I guess :)

Thanks for the info )
Melissa (for Zack)

Andrea Cervantes said...

Melissa! That is so fun!!!! Jeremy talked about all of that stuff for months and months. I just pretended to understand! He ordered it at a vendor called Evike. It's fully automatic and has an FPS of 430-460. The price was $145. We found out from some friends that the store was located somewhere near San Gabriel. So, Louie took the other boys down to buy theirs, where Jeremy ordered his online. He said there were more models online but at the store, he said you can test out each gun with different attachments, etc. to see if you like it. I hope that helps! Feel free to email or call if you need more info! :)