Monday, July 12, 2010

Another happy boy!

A few days ago, I wrote about Jeremy's happiness with his new air soft gun. We are leaving for San Clemente tomorrow and Jeremy can't wait to have battles in the canyons bordering our campground. Only problem was....none of my other kids had guns that could compete with his. So, dad took them all down to the Evike store (the same day we got home from Ventura). Joshua cold not wait to pick out a gun. He was so excited. Jake got sucked in a bit, which I knew he would. He isn't much of a battle/gun type of boy. He enjoys reading, drawing, cooking, planting. Jeremy and Josh are a lot more a like in their interests. However, I think Jake was talked into it, due to the fact that they needed more people to participate in the battle. So, both boys came home with a brand new, expensive, fully automatic air soft gun. Oh Joy! They couldn't wait to set up targets and shoot them. Josh cracks me up the most because he cannot keep his hands off his gun. Every time I see him, he has it back out of the box and is taking it apart for various reasons. He actually had me take the below photo because he wanted to email it to show his friends. That picture isn't good enough now he wants a close up shot of the gun. It is so funny to me and so cute at the same time. He is thrilled with it and I am counting the days until it breaks (not to be a cynic but these types of things always seem to break. ) For his sake, I hope not....I doubt we would buy another one for awhile. Until then, Josh can be a soldier battling for good (or evil) ! :)

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