Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July in San Clemente!

This was our 1st camping trip in the middle of summer. It was great because the weather was perfect and we were able to escape the heat. However, we are spoiled by being able to travel during the year. The campground was FULL and so were the beaches. Wow...I have never been to such a crowded beach! We had a blast. It was also our longest camping trip ever. We had never been for more than 4 nights and this was for 7 nights....which meant more meal planning and more laundry (which I have yet to start). It sure did go by fast, though. It was also a little sad. We have decided to sell the RV and seem to have a buyer so it was probably the last time we would camp in it. It is a long story but we always drive 2 cars so we have a car to leave the campground and my husband is always worried about doing something to hurt the RV while we are camping since it wasn't overly cheap. This puts a bit of a damper on our trips. So, we are hoping to get a much less expensive trailer so we can tow it and have a car to drive around in. Today I had to leave my husband because something went wrong with one of the jacks and he spent hours working on it at the campground before he could drive it home. He is still on his way home, now. (which is why I have not started the laundry....it isn't here yet!) I guess "she" (the "RV"...don't people sometimes call their things "she"...weird) doesn't want to go easily! Last night, Julia was crying as she went to bed, knowing it was the last night she would sleep in it and asked if we could still see it after it was gone. Poor girl. Anyway....I took more pictures than I could ever post but below is a sampling of a few of my favorites! (I am trying VERY hard to learn how to scale back on how many I post from a trip) :)

LOVE this face more every day!

Coolest pier!

View from the campground at sunset!

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