Monday, July 12, 2010

Jake Turned 12! (last month....oops)

We have had a busy summer, to say the least! Birthdays are still a big deal to our family but we use to make an even bigger deal out of them. As the kids get older, and times get busier, we can't celebrate the way we did when they were younger. However, it is a time for us to honor each child individually and make them feel special. We feel like this is so important in a big family. Jake's birthday is exactly 1 week after Jonah's. We celebrated as a family on his birthday and then he had a few friends over to celebrate with a few days later. It kind of got lost in a busy weekend (with other parties we attended) and then VBS week. So...since we had plans on the evening of his birthday, we went out to corner Bakery on the morning of his birthday. It is one of our favorite breakfast spots. They all got yummy things and we had fun hanging out. We went home and opened gifts together! He was a happy boys and got everything he wanted (that's because he never asks for much and is always happy with what he gets). :) He is a precious addition to our family and has very unique interests! We love him so much! His tender heart is a joy to see!

Days after his birthday, some great friends came with us to Mountasia and Farrell's to celebrate...then swimming at Grandma and Grandpa's...then a couple of them stayed the night! It was a fun day!

These are the dorky teenagers....too cool to sit with the others and too cool to smile! :)

Jake was mortified by the large drum and announcement!

And...of the counter, trying to figure out what to buy with tickets earned in the arcade! Always a huge decision!

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