Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sweet little buddies- Then and now....

So, when I was digging through old pictures, looking for the pictures of Josh and "fishie B's", I was flooded with so many memories that seem so long ago, and seem like they were only yesterday at the same time. They bring joy to my heart, yet make my heart heavy because they are a reminder of how fast time flies. I don't want my babies to be older this quickly. I dread the day when they are all out of my house. I could cry thinking about it. I love having a full home with lots of activity going on. (There are those days, I admit, when I am starving for a quiet house...however, I am often more thankful for the noise)! Anyway, when I was looking at old pictures this one of Josh and Julia came up. It looked familiar because I had just taken one of them like this, this last summer. I had to post them side by side to see the difference. These 2 children are so precious to me. I love their relationship. I remember how shocked and overwhelmed I was when I first found out I was pregnant with Julia. It seemed, at the time, to be a bit too soon. However, the fact that Josh and her are so close in age, has allowed them to have such a precious friendship. They play all their little pretend "kitty games" together for hours. He can beat up on her from time to time, but overall, he takes really good care of her. I hope they grow up to be close friends always!!! God knows what He is doing and it is so nice to rest in that, even when I initially think my plan is better! :)

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