Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Boy Birthday...

Jeremy's birthday was rather spread out. He celebrated with Grandma and Grandpa Johnson early, because they were leaving town. On his birthday, he opened our gifts (but we had already given him a wetsuit for his birthday in Refugio). Then, daddy made a big breakfast for him, and that night we went to Macaroni Grill wiyh his Aunt and Uncle.
His party was a week later. He simply wanted a couple of his closest friends to spend the night. It is so nice when birthdays simplify as they get older. He ordered In-N-Out for dinner and Banana Cream Pie from Marie Callendars for dessert.

Of Course, daddy had to get in on the X-Box
Andrew thought it was fun to wrap his gift in a pink, flower bag!

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Julia was excited that Cory's hair was a bit longer than her brothers. The next morning, she decorated him with curlers!

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Chris and Georg said...

Oh my word!!!
Has Heidi seen this?
It's hysterical!
I wonder if he'd let his sisters do that to him.