Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lights, Camera, Action....

At the end of the semester at the Huckleberry Learning Center, the kids always participate in an end-of-semester show. This year, Jeremy played in a mini guitar recital for the guitar class he was taking, the older boys were in a play called "The 13 Colonies" from an "American History-Theater and Art" class, and the 2 younger ones sang a song from their "Classical Kids" class. For some reason it is always so painful for me to watch their performances...maybe because I am so terrified to be up in front of a crowd and I am picturing myself in their shoes. Kids plays and performances are always just so goofy and funny to watch. It was entertaining though and the kids worked really hard to prepare so I figured I should reserve a spot for it on my blog page!! :)

Louie thinks they look like convicts in the above picture!

The above picture isn't a very good shot,but I had to include it. It made me laugh so hard to see our giant boys break out in "song" and "dance" for the musical. So funny! They did a good job though!

Julia got VERY "into" it...Josh was a bit more embarrassed!

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