Friday, January 23, 2009

Gotta love California.....

Well, we came home from the beach Thursday, and left for the snow Monday. The kids have been begging to go to Big Bear since before Christmas. This year, they all had season passes so we knew we needed to go! Louie had 4 days off so we headed up to the mountains with our dear friends, the Modugnos. We had a fabulous time. Josh and Jacob needed a quick refresher course on snowboarding but Jeremy retained everything from last year. Julia took a few runs to warm back up to skiing, but once she did, she was back to skiing faster than me, on bigger slopes than me. I think it's just that it is so scary to fall as an adult and kids think nothing of it. I feel like such a chicken when I ski with them! This year, however, I could not ski, because I am 19 weeks pregnant. I actually enjoyed dropping them off, watching them, having quiet time while they were all there, and picking them up after the fun! Overall, a great trip. We are so blessed!

I don't know why, but I love how cute the kids look all bundled up in their snow get-up...sometimes they can hardly move because they have so many layers on! :)

So cute!

Jeremy snowboarding (picture taken from the lift)!
Jeremy and Josh:
Daddy and Josh on the lift!
All the boys taking a break to eat the lunch we ran up to them.

This lot is across the street from the cabin....(snow summit is in the background). They had so much fun sledding in the afternoon, after snowboarding and skiing!

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