Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tis the Season....A little Late!

Christmas is always my favorite time of year. We had a special time again this year but it is always so crazy because we have 3 separate celebrations! Julia got an "elf" for her birthday that was supposedly sent from the North Pole. The funny thing our home, we have never "believed in Santa". However, at the classes Julia goes to, lots of the kids had these special elves. They supposedly come to visit for 10 days from the North Pole and get up and get into mischief at night when everyone else is sleeping. So, one night she "had a snowball fight" and Julia woke up to cotton all over her room. One night she "got into the treats" and there were candy wrappers all get the idea. Well, next to her new American Girl Doll, Noel became her best friend. Those 2 girls went with her everywhere. She started crying uncontrollably 2 days before she knew Noel would go back with Santa....made me wonder if it was worth having her visit. Anyway, the picture below is Julia sound asleep with her 2 friends on the night she knew Noel would leave. The funny thing is, when I went to get Noel to pack away for next year, I found that Julia had tied her to her so that she couldn't leave! The next morning she explained to me how tricky or strong elves were. She was sad for days and is counting down to her visit next year.

Christmas Eve morning, we wake up and have a special breakfast and do "Christmas" as a family. We want "our" celebration to be the 1st before they are bombarded with gifts and attention at 2 other homes!

Then, Christmas eve, we go to Louie's parents' house to celebrate with his family....this is always when they have celebrated so that worked out well for us when we got married.

Finally, Christmas morning, we go over to my parents' house for breakfast, presents and we have a mellow day and usually hang out all day until after dinner. Louie worked Christmas day this year, which was sad, so it was that much nicer to be able to just hang out!

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Stefanie Hartung said...

OK, i'm cracking up at the picture of Julia sleeping with her elf--also, i love the picture of your fam in front of the tree at disneyland, too cute.