Sunday, January 18, 2009


Louie has been dying to go camping ever since we got the RV at Christmas. I realized I had to give in or he might explode! So, we went for a quick 2-night trip to Carpenteria! Everyone had so much fun and no one wanted to leave. We LOVED all the grass and trees around our camp for the kids to play...but, if there were hook-ups in that section, it would have been perfect!

Below is a picture of the centerpiece that Julia made from flowers in our backyard, and replenished with flowers around the camp. she also added a seashell border for extra decoration...she felt every table should be "pretty"....even a picnic table at a precious!

This was the tree right behind the RV, where we kept out bikes and the table we BBQ'd on!

This picture was taken just after we parked and set out the mats and Sophie's little play pen (that she refused to be content in).
This is the view out the front window...the beach is just beyond the grass.
Daddy and Julia heading out to the water....
Julia playing T-Ball!
Josh and Julia loved climbing all the trees around our motor home!
We all rode our bikes into town for Mexican food!
S'mores for dessert when we got back to camp.

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