Saturday, February 28, 2009

Last Trip to the Snow this Season...

This was a really fun trip. The kids knew this would be their last snowboarding trip for the season so they couldn't wait to try new things. I was getting over a cold and couldn't ski because of being 24 weeks pregnant. However, I enjoyed dropping them off, seeing them off and picking them up after, to hear about all of their new adventures for the day. In between, I would relax and get work done on the computer. All the kids are really confident on the snow now and everyone does a good job "keeping up" so it is fun for everyone. As a matter of fact my kids have far surpassed me! I am scared to death of steep hills and speed....something most people enjoy. the older I get the more scared i get to fall, and therefore do not enjoy feeling out-of-control....which is how I feel when I am going too fast. Major wimp, I know. My husband constantly teases me!
Above is a picture of the whole gang just before getting on the lifts together!

The above picture cracks me up. Josh did so well this trip and wins the "most improved" award. He wanted to snowboard all day, when the other kids would want t come back to the cabin to sled. He even conquered a double black diamond run, the hardest run on the mountain, called "The Wall". The name says it all and makes me feel nauseous to even think about it! However, when he has had "enough", he falls to the ground, with no warning and buries his face in the snow! Thankfully, daddy and Uncle Franco were able to talk him into 1 last run after the melt-down, so he would leave with a positive feeling!!!!

Daddy and Josh!

Here's another picture (above) that needs and explanation. Julia and Josh were hanging out together in the snow, collecting things. When they were told to come in, they dragged their sled, full of treasures back to the cabin. Josh proceeded to pull icicles out of his pockets to show me, and then set them in the sled with their other treasures! It's kind of hard to distinguish the icicles here. I don't know why, but it made me laugh so hard that he put icicles in his pockets! Maybe too much time collecting shells at the beach!!!

This is our favorite Mexican restaurant to eat at every time we go to Big Bear. It's almost impossible to get that many people to smile at the same time! ☺

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