Sunday, April 5, 2009

Summary of March

Well, life has been really busy! That is why I have not had a chance to update my blog in so long. the easiest way to catch up is to upload a few events as a summary. There isn't a ton of pictures of exciting things but it weighs on me to not be "current".

The above picture was actually right before husband took me to see the "Phantom of the Opera". I saw it in college but ha never seen it with him. We had such a nice time going to Cheesecake Factory and seeing the show!

March 5th is my birthday. I am not one to love big parties, etc. to be thrown for husband has tried it all (not that I haven't appreciated it). This year, we didn't have big plans on my birthday. Actually, my husband was scheduled to work that day and night. So, he surprised me by getting off in time to come home and make the kids and I a yummy dinner. He also brought home flowers and pie from Marie Calenders, as well as a gift. It was a nice surprise, since i thought it would be just another ordinary day at home. the kids were very excited to participate in the candle-lighting, etc. I loved being able to spend that night with all of them!

Another trip to Carpinteria. this trip was much cooler than the last one, but it was still beautiful and we still had a great time. The above pictures is one of my favorite hardly "catches it".
Frank and Yvette and their kids came up to spend the day and evening with was tons of fun!

Our little monkey........

Freezing shower after a freezing beach!

We needed to add RV parking to our house, so while we were at it, we decided to add the hardscape to the front that we have always wanted. So, this is mid-process with a new wall, pilasters and the concrete on the new steps being poured. I t looks so sad without all the plants and grass but I know we'll be happy when we re-do all of that!

Lastly, a silly picture of Julia with "crazy hair" on "crazy hair day at Huckleberry Learning Center. She loved having 4 different colored braids!

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