Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tea Time!!!!

We love the Huntington Library. For years, it had been an annual tradition. the last 2 years didn't work out so we hadn't been since 2006. So sad. This year, we were actually able to make it work. One girl had a C-section a week before, one hurt her Achilles tendon, and I was 7 months pregnant. Not sure we would all get around the grounds so well, but the weather was great and we had such a nice time! So excited already for next year!

We cracked up at the above plant. We couldn't believe how huge the leaves were. Stefanie, Julie and i decided to pose by the leaves as a reference point to show just how huge it was!

Then, things got sillier and sillier. Here is our version of Anne Gedes. Hmmmm?? Think we have a future in this?

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