Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Break- Santa Barbara Zoo

We LOVE the SB Zoo. So many times, during our marriage, (before and after kids) we have made lots of special memories in Santa Barbara. We almost got married there. We have gone to that zoo with all of my kids, no matter what age, and they love it. This is the 2nd time Jonah has been there. The 1st time, however, he was only weeks old. This was the 1st time he went when he "knew what was going on." He gets so excited over animals and creatures so we knew he would have fun. He loved every animal he saw...even the rattle snake (which creeped me out a lot). There is something unsettling about seeing your baby try to grab a rattle snake with a big smile on his face. Anyway, we bought a family pass for the year and I hope we get to spend many more days up there, as a family, this year. It was a very good day!

The pier--another place we love!

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