Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Break Field Trip-The Science Center

So, our homeschool co-op group has slowed down quite a bit this year. I ad a new baby and Stefanie was on bedrest for the 1st semester. Then, she had her baby 2nd semester and the kids started attending 2 days of classes, rather than 1. All of that to say....meeting every Friday was a bit too much this year. (How did I manage to do it last year-pregnant for the whole school year and working for 2 schools?-so crazy). Anyway, we started out with the intention of meeting every other Friday and this semester, it has become about once a month. We love the book we are allows for almost no prep-work. We look forward to it so much! Weeks are just so full and we would have no days to homeschool if we did it every week! The 1st year of co-op, we took like 4-5 field trips. The kids remember those most. This year, we just took our 1st (and maybe last) one. It makes me sad because the kids love them so much! Anyway...we studied the human body this year. The CA Science Center has some really cool stuff in this regard, so that is where we went. We chose to go during our spring break from classes, rather than cram it into a week with 2 days of classes. It was lots of fun. I really hope we will plan more next year! :)

Funny how our group continues to "grow" yet no one new has joined! :)

Even cute Jonah got to participate and daddy came this time, which was a treat! :)

There was this cool "ecosystem" exhibit. It bag with a "film" and our group pretty much took up the whole room!

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