Friday, January 29, 2010

Youth Camp!....already?!

So, I sit here in a somewhat empty house and it feels so a sign of what my near future holds....and I am thankful, yet resistant. My 3rd son is at a sleepover, the baby is sleeping and my husband took my oldest son to his first youth camp this morning. He decided to chaperon and go up early with the group of kids that wanted to snowboard today. I am so thankful he went. It was hard for me to see my son leave for his first camp, but having my husband there, softened the blow. I am thankful for our church, great leadership and great teaching. I am praying that this weekend has a large impact on their lives for Christ and is a great bonding experience for them together as father-and-son. So, for the 1st time, I see a glimpse of my kids having their own lives and being busy outside of our home. That is what we are supposed to be training them for but it seems like just yesterday that I held Jeremy in my arms in the hospital....and in a blink, he will have his own life as an adult! (Lord willing) ! :)

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