Saturday, January 23, 2010

Christmas 2009...a little late

So, still catching up on my blog...something that is my forever problem...getting behind! But, I wanted to post a few pictures to remember this Christmas...our 1st Christmas with little Jonah (who is personally my favorite gift of all...I couldn't think of one other thing to ask for! )

Our Christmas extravaganza is pretty complicated. It can vary from year to yea, based on my husband's ever-rotating work schedule. We also have 2 sets of grndparents that live close, and want to have our own family time. After several years of finding out that our gifts paled in comparison to the grandparents' , and how quickly the kids lose focus of why we celebrate, we decided we really wanted our celebration as a family to be 1st. So, we wake up Christmas morning and celebrate together. Mommy makes a fun breakfast (usually trying something new each year) and we read scripture, pray, visit and get to the gifts. I love to see the kids open gifts for each other. Next year, I think I'll have them draw names to ease the madness and the spending. This picture cracks me up because Julia still has her curlers in and they are all in mis-matched PJs that they put on the night before...kind of funny to me when I see so many other people's pictures with brushed hair and matching PJ's. Oh well...that's what you get with a house full of boys and 3 Christmas celebrations to be had!

Jonah ate his stocking, rather than opening it...

...and ate the presents inside!

Our celebrations continued on Christmas eve and Louie's parents' house. Once, good company and gifts.

The above picture is Christmas morning....before we left for my parents' house. "Happy" perfectly describes this baby...and I love the ear sticking out! The kids and I were heading out alone because daddy was scheduled to work Christmas Day. :(

Me and my babies!- Christmas morning

On my way, I rolled down the window and took a picture of the gingerbread men we all made this year (that's why it isn't the greatest picture). The kids begged to make these. So, mommy drew the men, daddy cut them out and the kids and mommy painted for each kid.

So....we got to my mom and dad's (who were acting very strange) and when we brought the gifts tot he tree, daddy popped out from behind the couch and surprised us. He managed to get the day off but didn't tell us. I love how he loves to surprise us! :) He had been hanging out there all morning, while we took our time getting there...oops! We were all so happy to spend the day with him
My mom and dad have this bear that moves and reads the story, "Twas the Night Before Christmas"...Josh was captivated by him.

The hit of the day...Jonah's new's like an exersaucer and a johnny jumper all in one! He loves it...what more could a 6 month old ask for ????

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