Friday, July 10, 2009

Ventura Trip...

We took our annual July trip with our dear friends, the Modugnos, to Ventura. I was a little worried about going with a 2-week old, while getting up to feed Jonah every 3 hours. I definitely felt the sleep deprivation but, to a certain degree, I got use to functioning on no sleep. The kids had a blast, as usual, and it was nice to escape the heat for 8 or 9 days!!!
Julia's favorite passtime was to fish for crabs in the channel behind the house. Here she is holding a container of crabs that she caught. Anytime I was looking for her, I would find her on the dock, alone, fishing! It was really cute!she named herself the "fishing artiste"....whatever that means!!!!
The kids had a blast jumping off the boat and the dock....
and swimming in the channel. they were a bit freaked out because of the squid and stingrays, as well as various unknown creatures, they had spotted in the channel.
The biggest milestone this trip was the fact that all 3 boys developed a love for surfing. Josh was taught to surf, and learned all in one day. The older boys had surfed before but always went out with dad. This trip, the boys would run up to the shore, from the water, grab surfboards and paddle out on their own. They would get small waves, would stand and fall, but they were doing it and loving it. they learned to paddle out, catch waves on their own and ride them in. It was tons of fun for them and for us to watch!!!

here's Jacob on his new board!

Josh loved Frank's foam long-board and was able to stand on every wave with it!

Here's Jeremy!

Here are all 7 kid on the 4th of July.....before we went out to dinner and watched the fireworks!

Just my family....Jonah's 1st 4th of July and 1st flag T-shirt!!!

One of the last days we were there, Mr. Modugno came up with his 3 nephews nd took all 10 kids out sailing for several hours. This is when they arrived back at the house. They had so much fun!!!
Jonah-on a boogie board at the beach!





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