Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our Baby Girl Turned 6!

On December 3rd, Julia turned 6, and was in for a fun-filled day of surprises! First thing in the morning, daddy took her on a date to the mall. They sat and talked while drinking Starbucks, then he took her to the pet store to play with the puppies.

Next, daddy took Julia to Build-A-Bear (which she has been wating to go back to for a while). They had tons of fun together. :
After Build-A-Bear, I met up with them for lunch. Julia had her bear, with it's inflatable couch (very necessary), join us for lunch! :
Next, was the biggest suprise of all:

We took her to Sweet and Sassy to get her ears pierced. She was so surprised. She has been begging for this for a while. I am not sure why I resisted so long...or actually I do. She is my baby. She was my last child (until now) and I wanted to hold onto that. I wanted her to stay a baby and to see her with earings made her seem so much older to me. I finally gave in and decided it would be a good milestone memory for her birthday. She was so excited but very nervous, since she knew it would hurt!

Ahhhhh.......It's over.....and worth it! She couldn't wait to show EVERYONE!

Next, she got a hair cut and style (and a little glitter on the cheek! ): and Julia went to get a spa pedicure and manicure! she got such a kick out of the massage chairs (and even got a snowman painted on her toes):

Last, but not least, she went to grandma's to get her gift from them....which was an American Girl Doll that looks like her. She named her Grace (after her own middle name) and she has been her best friend ever since. about being spoiled. What in the world! We felt she was so deserving. She never asks for anything and happily tags along with the 3 boys to all of their "events". We felt she deserved a day all to herself. She loved it. When asked her favorite part: her ear piercing, of course!!! Happy Birthday sweetheart.....I can't believe yo are 6!

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JR said...

Wow! What an exciting day. I love that your hubby took time to take her on such a nice date and do things that were so girly and special to her. What a good dad. And then to get pampered with mommy. I'll have to remember this for when Faye gets older.