Thursday, September 22, 2011


I feel like I dedicated this huge post to trials so I need to write a post to mention some praises from the last couple of days. CHOOSING to focus on things to be thankful for!

1. My mom (who was in isolation, receiving radioactive iodine for cancer), was released yesterday ( 2 days early) because her toxic levels dropped so quickly. She is so happy to be in her own home!!!

2. My husband, who works SOOO hard, was promoted to Engineer at work (LA County Fire Dept) yesterday

3. Amidst the complete mess in my torn-apart house, we have the sweetest company working on drying the water-damage. It is a pleasure to see them and they are working hard for us and even bought a very expensive Heap Filter system to use at our house because of the baby.

4. My sweet husband took off work, the day after I found out about my surgery, so I wouldn't have to be alone.....just in case I was sad!

5. My dad has been so sweet to help pick the kids up from various places, to make life a little less crazy for me.

6. Sweet friends have called a written to encourage me, pray with me and/or tell me they are praying for me.

7. I have healthy, wonderful children that I love with all my heart !

(totally trivial in comparison.....) 8. We finally found the type of car (used) that we have been searching for for almost a year! In process of purchasing it!

I am truly blessed!!!

*More praises to come!

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