Thursday, November 6, 2008

Summer Time Fun

It's hard to know where to start when just beginning a blog. So, I am adding various photos from some of our fun times this summer.

Julia with grandma's new puppy!

Grandma's pool with our good friends

Jeremy, surfing in Ventura

Josh and Julia: a little too much fun with the sand!

This was a very funny cartwheel race we had on the beach

Paddle-boating in the channel in Ventura

This picture of Josh jumping off the boat cracks me up!

With good friends, climbing a giant anchor in Santa Barbara

My husband took my to Palm Desert for 2 nights...we had a great time

Daddy and Julia in Newport

Clowning around in Newport

Jake and Josh

baseball on the beach
Finally, A Day at Disneyland


Stefanie Hartung said...

love your pictures. i've been meaning to get that fun stuff on the side but never taken the time to figure it out. Tara just added it too and it looks so cute.

tara said...

That was so weird reading your about me is almost identical to mine...homeschool, at home mom, 4 kids, married only one year different, living for the Lord...two differences I saw were your husband is a firefighter and you go to the beach!

Looking at your pictures makes me realize how different our lives are daily...all of our summer pictures are in green grassy or wooded places with rain. My kids have never even been to a sandy beach! Isn't that sad...That might have to be my goal for next time we are down there!

Cool blog! I'll be following!